At S-CIAHS, we realize that more work can be done to connect leaders, innovators and educators across global healthcare systems in order to share, learn and improve together. We also realize that better healthcare systems require an empowered nursing workforce that is equipped with the best knowledge, education and curriculums.

This is why we plan to continue to build an international movement of collaboration that aims to enhance health globally by not only elevating the status of nurses worldwide, but also influencing, educating and supporting nurses and nursing students to become leaders in their communities and workplaces.

A Canadian-based business support unit that functions as a social enterprise

and central coordinating body to:

▪ Bring together Chinese, US, Canadian and other collaborators to work on joint programming, projects and initiatives that optimize education, training, workforce and practice development in the field of health care, services and supports

▪ Secure access to products and services designed to best meet the needs of colleges, universities, health organizations, clinicians and practitioners, health system leaders, employers and societies in general.

▪ Strengthen international collaborations that lead to sustainable high- quality joint ventures and innovation in health education and workforce development.