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Progressive Education

Knowledge is power. We are committed to work together with partners to accelerate the identification, spread and scale of healthcare innovations—integrating domestic and foreign educational resources, advancing educational development and internationalized talents training in China, introducing the internationally advanced nursing education philosophy into China, and promoting the multi-dimensional cooperation between different countries. Here are a few sample courses to preview:

Gentle Persuasive Approaches

Progressive and patient centred dementia care. Students will learn about all of the dimensions (existential, neurological and environmental) that shape dementia and techniques to best treat it.

Simulation Certification

Technology based healthcare training for the future. This Program fosters excellence in nursing education in Canada through faculty development in simulation-based pedagogy, practices, and technologies.

Clinical Instructor Course

Healthcare educator training at its best. Clinical instructors have a fundamental role in the education of nursing students. We teach them how.

Overseas visiting faculty exchange program

Provides teachers with a deep understanding of the nursing education industry across the world.

Nurse Educator Certification

Nursing educator training at its best. The aim of the program is to foster excellence in the academic nurse educator role and to provide recognition and merit for the specialized knowledge, expertise, and competencies of this role in Canada.

EAP/ESL Programs

CultureWorks provide English improvement training for various types of learners and learning objectives.

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curriculum Development

Nursing Excellence

The best way to prepare students for the future is by empowering them in the present. At S-CIAHS, we know that learning never ends: it is a continuous process of enlightenment and growth.

We take pride in being a leader in global nursing education. We truly understand how fundamental learning is to nursing. As Canada’s healthcare system evolves to adapt to changing needs and problems, so too are the demands placed on nurses. This is why we develop innovative nursing education courses to not only foster knowledge but a multitude of skills, attitudes and behaviours that ultimately inspire an ever present desire to grow as individuals and be leaders in the workplace.

Everything that S-CIAHS offers–from authoritative curriculums, innovative software, cutting edge technology to dynamic, hands-on lessons–is designed to help students, educators and practitioners in the nursing profession bridge the gap between classroom preparation and clinical practice. At S-CIAHS, we are dedicated to establishing an unparalleled educational experience that empowers our students and prepares them for the challenges of 21st century healthcare.